Airport Charges

Landing Charges:

Landing fees are charged per single landing as 1,000 kg or part thereof. These charges are based on the maximum take off weight of the aircraft as authorized by the certificate of airworthiness, the setting which is centralized and done by the Government and categorized depending on the airport category.

    • Standard Charges -->Charges per 1000kg or part thereof
    • Aircraft registered in Tanzania-->USD 5.00 or Equivalent Tanzania Shillings
    • Foreign registered aircraft-->USD 5.00

Surcharge 30% of the standard charge is charged for night operations

Parking Charges:

Aircraft Weight Changes in Aircraft (After the first two hours)
Aircraft Registered in Tanzania Foreign Registered Aircrafts
Up to 20,000Kg  Tshs 1,000 per 12 hours or thereof  USD 5.00 per 12 hours or thereof
20,000Kg-60,000Kg  Tshs 1,000 per 6 hours or thereof  USD 5.00 per 6 hours or thereof
More than 60,000Kg  Tshs 1,000 per hour or thereof  USD 5.00 per hour or thereof

Passenger Service Charges:

Passengers embarking an aircraft at KIA shall pay airport service charge as follows:

    • Domestic flight TSH 10,000.00
    • International flight USD 40.00

This is included in the flight tickets for the passengers traveling on scheduled flight.

Air Safety Fee:

This is a fee aimed at improving air safety payable to the local civil aviation authority. The current fee is 9 USD per passenger. This is included in flight tickets for passengers traveling on scheduled flights.

Current Fuel charges:


1 JET A-1 610,000 LITRES 0.7
2 AVGAS 32,000 LITRES 1.4